SEM Security Systems
a division of Southeast Mobility Inc
So, your yellow light is on, the keypad is beeping, you've pressed *2 and the keypad is displaying an 8 or it reads out Loss of Clock. Let's fix that.

Start by pressing the pound sign ( # ) on the keypad a couple of times. The # acts as a clear key.

Now press *6 (star then 6)

Now enter your master code. You will hear a triple beep. If you don't know what your master code is you will need to call our office during business hours and we'll look it up for you.

Now press 1. Again you will hear a triple beep

Now enter the time in 4 digits in military time format. For instance if the time is 8:25 am you would enter 0825, if it is 2:48pm you would enter 1428.

Now enter the date in 6 digits. For instance if the date is January 12, 2012 (1-12-12 ) you would enter 011212, if it is October 10, 2011 ( 10-10-11 ) you would enter 101011. After entering the date you will hear a triple beep.

Now hit the # a couple of times and you're done. If your keypad is one that displays the time and date, it will take it about 10 seconds to show up.