SEM Security Systems
a division of Southeast Mobility Inc
So, your yellow light is on, the keypad is beeping, you've pressed *2 and the keypad is displaying a 7, you pressed 7 and it indicates which zone has a low battery or it reads out Low Zone Battey and you have scrolled to find the affected zone.

You have two options at this point, replace the battery yourself or contact us to schedule a service call to replace the battery. It is much cheaper to replace this battery yourself than to have us do it since the cost of the service call is much more expensive than the battery itself. You can usually find a replacement battery at your local Wal-Mart or similar store.

If you've decided to replace the battery yourself, be sure that your system is unarmed and then keep reading.

There are about three different batteries that are used in these contacts and you will have to refer to the manufacturers specification sheet or open the contact to determine which one that is needed. Also there are a variety of different contacts and the battery access is different in all of them. Usually a close inspection and a little common sense will allow you to open the contact to get to the battery. All of our wireless components are manufactured by DSC and you should be able to find your particular sensor and a manual for it here.

Be careful to follow the manufactures instructions for the replacement of the battery to a tee.

Opening the sensor or contact may create a tamper on your system which may result in a phone call from the monitoring center, neither of which is an issue, just be aware that it may occur.

All of the wireless sensors and contacts are made of plastic so take particular care when opening or resetting them. If not done properly, you could break a catch or tab which will prevent the housing from closing completely. This usually means that the whole contact will have to be replaced, which of course means the cost of a new contact and a service call. On the positive side, a new contact will come with a new battery.