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So, your yellow light is on, the keypad is beeping, you've pressed *2 and the keypad is displaying a 1, you pressed 1 and it continues to display a 1 or it reads out Low Battey.

The backup battery is located in the main panel, something that you probably haven't seen in a while and may not have a clue where it's at. First thing, it's not the keypad. The main panel is a putty colored metal can that is usually mounted inside a closet or a utility room. More often it is located right against the ceiling but may be mounted near the floor or anywhere else on the wall. The main panel is where all of the wiring from the contacts and sensors run back to.

Now that you have found the main panel, you have two options for replacing the battery. You can contact us and schedule a service call or you can replace it yourself. As is the case for most things, it will be cheaper to replace it yourself but if you are uncomfortable doing this, we will be glad to do it for you. In the event that you want to replace it yourself, keep reading.

Open the door on the main panel by removing one or two screws on the right hand side that are holding it shut. These are easily removed with just about anything but a philips screw driver is best. Once the door is open you will see the battery inside. This is a 12 volt battery with plug on terminals. It will either be shaped like a cube or a rectangle. The cube shaped battery is either a 4 or 5 amp hour battery and can be replaced with either a 4 or 5 amp hour, that is to say that if yours is a 4, you can replace it with a 5 if that is what you find handy or visaversa. The rectangle shaped battery will be a 7 amp hour. The 7 amp hour battery should be replaced with a 7 amp hour.

You can purchase a replacement battery from different sources. Of course you can purchase it from our office, Radio Shack and box stores often have these as well. They are pretty commonly used in emergency lights, ups units for computer backup, and kids riding toys.

To take out the old battery, simply unplug the two wires on top and remove it from the panel enclosure.

To install the new battery, reverse the process being very careful to plug the red wire from the panel onto the red terminal on the battery marked "+" or "positive. If you get these two wires reversed, then you will require a service call and a much larger expense as it will fry the main circuit board which will have to be replaced. There is also a possibility of personal injury so just be sure that you get the two wires onto the correct terminals.

Now, close the door, replace the screws and you're done with the replacement. Go back to your keypad and check the trouble light. If the keypad is still indicating a low battery condition, give it an hour.

Normally you are done at this point. Sometimes a new battery will not be at full charge and will have to be recharged by the panel. If after an hour or so the keypad is still indicating a low battery then either you have a defective battery or the charging circuit on the main circuit board has malfunctioned. At this point you will have to decide to either try another battery or contact us and schedule a service call.