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There's not a lot to say here. If you are reading this on a computer screen or web enabled TV then you are familiar with the various factors to be considered in video monitors.

Some DVR's provide only one monitor output and may be compatible with a VGA computer monitor, such as the one that you are probably reading this on. Others have multiple outputs and may include HDMI outputs for attaching to higher end computer monitors or high definition television monitors.

Once more, you typically get what you pay for. Don't spend a bundle on your CCTV system only to marry it to a poor quality monitor. Monitors have come down so far in price in recent years that you can usually find a very good quality video monitor at a price that you can afford. We reccomend that our customers get a 1080P format TV with at least one HDMI port for use with our DVR systems. Should you go with 8K cameras then you should choose a 4K Ultra monitor.

What size monitor do you need? First factor that comes to mind is how many cameras does your DVR support. If it's a 4 port DVR then a 17" monitor would probably suffice, although I'd probably recommend a 21. But if your DVR is a 32 port and you hook it up to a 17" monitor, each cameras video is going to be about the size of a postage stamp, you need a bigger monitor.

As has been repeated several times, the monitor and all the other components of your CCTV system need to be matched so that you get the maximum performance possible. Give us a call and let us look at your overall requirements and then we'll put together a system that will fill those needs.