If you have watched television in the recent past, chances are that you have seen an advertisement for an emergency pendant. Remember the old "I've fallen and I can't get up" commercial? Emergency pendants come in several configurations. They can be a stand alone unit that includes a receiver and pendant or as an add on to your alarm system. The typical emergency pendant has a 100 ft range in the real world even though it may say 300 ft in the literature but there are pendants available that have a half mile range or even greater. Most have a single button that you must press to summon help, others require that you press two buttons at the same time. Most pendants are transmitters only, while others have communications built in so that you can communicate with the alarm operator through the pendant should you be outside or in another location where the operator can't hear you through the microphone in the base unit. Once again, it depends upon the application, there is likely a solution that fits.

Emergency pendants can be worn around the neck on a chain, on a belt or on the wrist like a watch. We typically recommend the necklace style pendant. Our reason for this is that if someone falls and one of their arms is pinned or disabled, they can use the other hand to press the button on the pendant. If this person were using a wrist style pendant, they would have to have the use of both hands to activate it.

Emergency pendants offer a great deal of freedom to the person wearing it and a lot of peace of mind to both the wearer and their loved ones but they do not eliminate the necessity of having someone check on their elderly grandmother. If grandma falls, she still has to have the ability and presence of mind to press the button on the pendant. Another thing to consider is whether or not grandma wants the pendant. If she don't want it, she's not going to wear it and it will be money spent for nothing so before deciding to get her one, sit down with her and discuss it. Explain to her what it does and how it works and be sure that she is on board before you spend your money.
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