An IP communicator is a module that can be added to your alarm system that allows it to communicate your alarms to the monitoring computer via the internet. There are different models by different manufacturers but we usually stick with the DSC brand since they are directly compatible with the panels that we use.

The different models have a few different features but they all have one thing in common, they communicate via the internet. They may be used as your primary path of communications or they may act as a backup to your POTS line. They communicate extremely fast and reliably and some units allow you to access your alarm system from your smart phone or office computer. Which model we use on your alarm system depends on which panel you choose and what features you require.

The only real drawback of the IP communicator is that you must maintain your internet connection and home network in proper working order. This includes adding a battery backup to your cable or dsl modem so that it will continue to function during power outages.
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Internet Protocol (IP) Communicators